Sunny Day Resort is an oasis for your health!


Health is the best investment and whoever makes it enjoys physical and mental comfort. You will discover a wide spectrum of SPA and wellness care for the improvement of the health status, extended by a qualified medical staff in the SPA centers of Palace Hotel and Marina Hotel.



If you wish to halt for a while the hurried grueling tempo of your daily life, devote this time to nature, health and beauty. Sunny Day is the best choice because here the combination of several exceptional natural factors can be your best ally…

  • Specific maritime climate – clean air, rich in salts, ozone, bromine, calcium and iodine, with optimal air humidity of 63-65%.
  • Mineral water springs on the territory of the complex – hyperthermal, with temperature of 45°С, with low mineral content, hydrocarbonic, with traces of sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorides, and sulphides, extremely suitable for relaxing SPA procedures.
  • Curative mud from the Lake of Varna – medium-sulphide content, with low mineral content and alkaline reaction, trace elements and bio-active substances.




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