Applying proper procedures under the supervision of specialists combined with a relaxing setting and beautiful scenery can do wonders with body and spirit. That's why modern businesspeople are increasingly choosing to relax in such spa resorts, located in beautiful places.
SPA and Balneology
Services in Palace Hotel
The SPA center of Hotel Palace will enchant you with the abundance of furnishings and treatments available. Especially for you they will take care of the most attention whether you are just looking for relaxation or treating your health. Once tried, Spa Hotel Palace will become a favorite place for restoration and recharge.

According to the health and the doctor's recommendations, each guest of the hotel can choose from over 100 types of medical and spa services:
  • Electrotherapy light therapy with different types of equipment - ultrasound, laser, body former, solarium;
  • Thermotherapy - mud treatment (total and partial application with curative mud), paraffin treatment;
  • Inhalations with sea, mineral water and herbs; oxygen therapy - inhalations with air enriched with oxygen;
  • Various types of baths - pearl, mineral with herbs and natural essential oils, galvanic;
  • Kinesetherapy - vibratory, underwater, manual classic massage, healing and underwater gymnastics, zone therapy, lymphatic drainage, fitness;
  • Reflexology, Thalassotherapy and Aromatherapy;
  • Medical and decorative cosmetics incorporating products from world-famous companies;
  • Sauna.

  • Administered separately and in combination, these procedures are useful for the prophylaxis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular system, skin diseases and disturbed metabolism of the organism.
    SPA Hotel Palace awaits you with the magic of wellness procedures!
    SPA and Balneology
    Services in Marina Hotel
    SPA Hotel Marina is located in the heart of Sunny Day Resort. The combination of the azure sea, the beautiful and clean park and the SPA procedures are able to recharge or restore your health whether you are a guest at Marina Hotel or staying in one of the other hotels of the complex.

    SPA programs are very popular with:
    General restorative balneotherapy, Kinesi program, Kalolechebna, Antistress (in nerve and mental exhaustion); Arthro, Relax, Fitness, Aromatherapy (using natural essential oils), Givitol (to slow down and regulate aging and prevent arteriosclerosis by administering the Girovital medicine and Prof. Aslan's method). The only concern of the medical specialists is to help you feel in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

    Systemic care for health and beauty, prophylaxis and relaxation of the body are another reason to choose SPA hotels in Sunny Day for a place of your vacation.

    The ancient Romans knew and applied the healing power of the water. Bulgaria is extremely rich in mineral springs (over 680) and SPA complexes built around most of them. And nowadays, you can see the ruins of the lush Roman baths, some of which, according to historical sources, are visited by the Roman Emperors themselves!

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